The SMP Treatment

Why would you consider scalp micropigmentation?

Hairline repair

Restoring a hairline is arguably the most common reason people consider SMP. The restoration plays a key role in the quality of the desired look. With scalp micropigmentation, we can bring back your natural hairline whether it’s to restore and follow your original hairline or create a whole new style.

There are options available and not limited to – a sharp clean shape up, a shaped natural finish, a youthful finish or a receded soft finish.


Pattern baldness is a very common issue for both men and women. This form of hair loss can take a multitude of shapes, sizes and areas which can predominantly affect the hairline, crown or both. In males, the hair loss is often noticed as a receding hairline, whilst in females, it typically shows as thinning hair from the parting outwards. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive scalp micropigmentation solution using tiny follicle replications to help restore a sense of youthfulness, improve confidence and boost your self-esteem. To achieve the ‘buzz cut’ look in men, we would advise clients to shave their hair so SMP can be matched and blended through existing hair.

Hair Density

If you suffer from thinning hair but are not yet ready to crop your hair down to a buzz look, then density work maybe possible. Our treatments can add more density and volume by building up dot follicle replications in and around existing hair – you’ll notice results after just one session.

This treatment can go hand in hand with post-hair transplant procedures, to give the final finishing touch to your overall hair loss plan. Density work is also a great option for women looking to gain a thicker and fuller-looking head of hair.

SMP can be added to a thinning parting and side profiles to provide more definition along the hairline.


Scaring on the scalp can happen for a number of reasons. You may have scarring from a transplant procedure, trauma to the head or surgery. Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect way to cover up the scars, by carefully and strategically placing follicle replicas to camouflage the scarring for a more complete and full hair look. Two types of hair transplant will leave a person with scaring:

FUE leaves small circular scars across the back of the head where the donor’s hair has been extracted. The scars are usually flat so can be blended into your existing hair. It can take anything from 2-4 sessions depending on the severity and level of scarring.

FUT leaves a strip-like scar across the back or side of the head where the donor’s hair has been taken. SMP on this type of scaring is more challenging and expectations would need to be addressed during a consultation to see what can be achieved.

If you are conscious of your scarring and would like advice, don’t worry as we can help. With our knowledge and expertise, we can use SMP to cover up the scars which have been left behind.


To achieve the best possible results, our clients will receive on average three separate sessions to create a new custom hairline and/or a full head of hair. The hairline will be drawn according to the head and face shape, then density is built-up on the scalp to create the look of a shaved haircut. If our client is having density work, the treatment will begin straight through hair-building layers over the same number of sessions.

Each session takes around 3-4 hours to complete and is broken down as follows:

First session

The new hairline is designed and drawn onto the head. A pigment tone which matches the clients skin tone and hair colour is chosen. The first and foundation layer of hair follicle replications are made.

Second and third sessions

More impressions are made in between and layered over the previous ones to tighten up the density. The shiny appearance of the scalp is reduced drastically. When performed by an experienced and highly trained technician, there is zero risk of scarring, and we can camouflage any existing scars on the scalp. Tattooing itself can release the fibrous scar tissue and restore healthy scalp skin.

SMP requires healing time between sessions as your artist works to build density with each appointment:

Allow 7-10 days between the first two sessions. We then recommend waiting 21 days for your first two treatments to completely heal before returning for your third session.


SMP is long-lasting; however, the sun and other environmental exposures will fade the treatment over time, so a ‘refresh’ session is recommended to top-up the treatment every 3-5 years, depending on your preference.


We offer a free no-obligation consultation with an informal and relaxed face-to-face meeting at our clinic or video call – whichever you feel most comfortable with. The aim is to discuss your goals, expectations and any concerns you may have. This is an opportunity to give you an insight into the treatment itself, what is involved and the aftercare you’ll need to take. If both parties are happy and we feel the treatment can achieve your desired look, we’ll get you booked in and plan out an itinerary for your individual sessions. A medical and treatment plan will then be completed prior to your first session to finally ensure SMP is suitable for you. Ultimately, we want the best possible outcome for our clients.


After your full treatment has been completed your Scalpcraft care does not end there. We offer on-going advice and support if needed and are just a phone call or message away. Upon completion of their sessions, each client will receive an aftercare advice sheet and a complimentary ‘Micro Aftercare’ balm.


We offer a 12 month guarantee once your treatment has been completed. This means you can book one free session within this time frame to make any additional top-ups.


We offer two types of referral schemes. Working in conjunction with Hudsons Barbers of Rayleigh and Leigh-on-Sea – any client that is referred via the barbershops will receive a 5% discount off their treatment plan.

Alternatively, for any client that successfully refers a friend, family member, work colleague or otherwise to Scalpcraft will both receive a £50.00 gift voucher. So spread the word!

Treatment Cost


The cost will be between £1000-£1800 depending on the type of hair loss and kind of treatment required.

Please get in touch for a quote based on your own bespoke treatment plan.


  • Existing client: £300.00
  • New Client: £450.00


Price given after a full consultation. Please get in touch with your requirements.


We require a £100 non-refundable booking fee to be paid at the time of reserving your appointment dates. We can accept either a card payment or bank transfer. This booking fee is deducted from your total treatment amount. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before your allocated session time. After this time will result in a loss of the deposit.

The remaining balance will then be split over your treatment plan, paid prior to each session commencing. Each session will need to be paid by either cash or card payment at the clinic.

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